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All your Adobe Stock FAQs, answered
All your Adobe Stock FAQs, answered
FAQ's on Licensing and Copyright
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Can I log in to Adobe Stock and download the images myself?

No, although we have a partnership with Adobe, you can only access their library of photos and vectors by logging in to the Design Pickle Platform and choosing the images you want. Your designer is the only one authorized to pull the images off their site for use in your designs.

Can my designer just download the images and send me the files as is?

No, per our license agreement with Adobe, we cannot provide stand-alone files. You can check the restrictions here.

This means that the Adobe files can only be used in a design where they are modified or used with other design elements.

We can make slight modifications to the images so that they will be a new design that is different from the original Adobe image. If you are using the image for a blog post or social media image, we can resize it for that use and include a few elements.

Do I have a license for the images used in the design?

Design Pickle has the license for the images used in your design and we can use it for you, our customers! What does this mean? It means that you’re in the clear to resell the designs we’re creating, but there is a limit.

We have an unlimited images deal with Adobe Stock however, we're licensed so that the road would end with your customers purchasing from you and using it directly.

We’re not licensing your customers to edit or use it as a template and resell it on their own. We can't guarantee they'd be covered by Adobe's agreement.

If I want to use the image for another purpose do I need to make a new request?

Yes, we are not allowed to share the stand-alone file of that image or asset however if its a design that you want to repurpose then there’s no need to make a new request.

Is it safe to use the design with Adobe Stock assets for merchandise or templates?

Yes, we have an extended license unlimited plan with Adobe Stock. This means we are allowed to use the assets for commercial purposes including merchandise and template files intended for sale or distribution, without limitation on the number of reproductions or viewers, provided the recipient is only permitted to use or access the Work as incorporated into the merchandise or template.

For clarity, and without limitation, you may use the Work in connection with (a) electronic templates and design template applications; (b) merchandise such as mugs, t-shirts, posters, and greeting cards; and (c) “print on demand” services.

Templates can only be edited on your end. For example, you may use a template provided by your designer to change the text on the design and create multiple other variations for your or your business' use, which can be sold as an end product. But if you sold a template for the buyer to edit those templates for resale, then that violates the license agreement.

I want to copyright the designs I’ve received from Design Pickle which use Adobe Stock, can I do that?

Unfortunately, this is not a possibility. Adobe is only licensing the images for our use in creating the designs for you. In our licensing agreement with Adobe, we are only using Royalty-Free images which are non-exclusive. This means that others could license the same image for use in other designs.

We always make modifications to these images to ensure we provide you with unique designs; however, our terms with Adobe would prevent you from being able to claim exclusive and assignable legal right to the designs.

If you want to have a design copyrighted, our Custom Illustration plan would be more suitable for your needs. You can find out more about it here:

Someone copied my design provided by Design Pickle. Can you help me file a complaint?

I completely understand your desire to seek some way to prevent these copycats from using your designs as their own.

We try to follow the changes and issues in the Print-on-Demand communities and have seen the issue of pixel for pixel copies coming up quite a bit. We would gladly provide any documentation necessary to help file an infringement report. Simply send an email to [email protected].

Providing a copy of the original request and the completed design email have been enough for other customers to both protect their designs and fight claims against them.

Do let us know if we can gather information about any specific design to help you file a report and have these designs taken down.

Simply send an email to [email protected]. We will provide a copy of the original request and the completed design email plus proof that at that time, you have a subscription with a premium stock add-on. Adobe will then know that we are under contract with them and it has been enough for other customers to protect their designs and fight claims against them.

What are the other restrictions with having an Adobe asset used in my designs?

There are certain restrictions when using designs that have Adobe assets in them so we're including the most important part here:

  1. Use the Stock Assets in any way that allows a third party to use, download, extract or access the Stock Assets

  2. Use the Stock Assets with material that violates any third party rights, or otherwise take any action in connection with the Stock Assets that infringes the intellectual property or other rights of any person or entity, such as the moral rights of the creator of the Stock Assets or the rights of any person who, or any person whose property, appears in or is associated with the Stock Assets;

  3. Register, or apply to register, a trademark, design marks, service mark, sound mark, or tradename, that uses any Stock Asset (in whole or in part); or claim ownership rights in an attempt to prevent any third party from using a Stock Asset;

  4. Use the Stock Assets in a manner that is pornographic or defamatory, or that violates any applicable laws, rules, or regulations;

  5. Use the Stock Assets in a manner, or in connection with a subject, that a reasonable person could consider unflattering, immoral, offensive, obscene, or controversial, taking into account the nature of the Stock Asset, examples of which could include ads for tobacco; adult entertainment clubs or similar venues or services; implied or stated endorsements of political parties or other opinion-based movements, or implying mental or physical impairment;

  6. Use the Stock Assets in an editorial manner without the accompanying credit line or attribution, placed in a way that is reasonable to the applicable use, in this format: “[Contributor Name] /”, or as designated on the Website;

  7. Use the Stock Assets other than for the benefit of yourself or a single cusotmer, without obtaining a separate license for a customer or any additional customers, as applicable;

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