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Photo Manipulation (or photomanipulation) involves transforming or altering photographs to adjust existing photos or create a new one using several photos. This can be used on:

  • Creating product mockups

  • Creating photo collages

  • Tweaking elements in a photograph

Our creative team uses Adobe Photoshop to make these adjustments based on your specifications.

The photo manipulation service is available in all our subscription plans. Here's a list of what we can (within scope) and can't do (out of scope) within the service.

  • Color Correction: Adjusting the color balance, saturation, and contrast to enhance the overall appearance of the photo.

  • Cropping and Resizing: Modifying the image's dimensions to fit specific requirements or improve its composition.

  • Background Removal: Removing or replacing the background of the image to isolate the main subject.

  • Basic Retouching: Removing minor blemishes, spots, and imperfections from the photo.

  • Object Removal: Deleting unwanted objects or elements from the photo. The complexity of the task will require evaluation.

  • Basic Filters and Effects: Applying simple filters like black and white or sepia to create different moods.

  • Text Addition: Adding text overlays, captions, or basic typographic elements to the image.

  • Lighting and Exposure Adjustment: Tweaking the exposure levels and lighting to make the image more visually appealing.

  • Color Enhancement: Enhancing specific colors within the image to make them more vibrant or prominent.

  • Basic Composition Adjustment: Adjusting the positioning and arrangement of elements within the photo for better visual balance.

  • Complex Manipulations: Advanced manipulations that significantly alter the content of the photo, such as extremely high volumes of object additions or extensive reshaping.

  • High-End Retouching: Detailed retouching involving skin, hair, or other intricate elements that require meticulous attention.

  • Illustrations and Artwork: Creating new illustrations or adding complex artistic elements to the photo.

  • Advanced Effects: Complicated visual effects like intricate overlays or complex visual transformations.

  • 3D Rendering: Creating three-dimensional elements within the photo or converting 2D images to 3D.

  • Extensive Photo Restoration: Complex restoration of old or damaged photographs.

  • In-depth Montages: Combining multiple images into a complex montage.

  • Photo manipulation for Deceptive Purposes: Any photo manipulation that aims to deceive or mislead viewers.

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