How To Use Create Assist

Turn words into images with this handy AI tool

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Have trouble finding a specific image or reference you want to provide your designer? Let Design Pickle's Create Assist help you!

Create Assist can generate images based on keywords or text prompts as well as assets you provide. It's a helpful tool to visually communicate your ideas to your designer, providing a great starting point for your designer on which design direction to take.

How to Use Create Assist:

Step 1

Click on the + button in the request form, then Help me create imagery

Step 2

A popup will appear, and you'll have two options on how you can generate an image:

  1. Generate an image using text

  2. Generate using text and image

1. Generate an image using text

Simply type a description of the image you want the AI to produce, then, click on the Generate button.

2. Generate using text and image

To generate an image closer to what you had in mind, you can also supplement your text input with image input! To do this, upload a reference image* along with your description. Then, click Generate!

*Note: There is a 4 MB limit when uploading images

Step 3

A loading window will appear. You may wait for the process to finish before closing this window, or return to your request's description textbox by clicking the X button. But don't worry, closing this window won't cancel the process!

If you close the loading window, you will see a gray banner loading on your request form.

Step 4

Once Create Assist has finished processing, the banner will turn green.

Click on View to see the images it has generated!

Step 5

Select the image you'd like to include in your design request's instructions (you may select up to 8).

Once you've selected your images, click the Add to request button.

Step 6

You can annotate the image with your instructions once you've added the generated image to your request.

Create Assist's generated images will also have a sparkling magic wand icon underneath it so you can easily differentiate it from other assets uploaded in your request.

Need further help? Email us through [email protected], or click the chat button on the lower righthand-side of this window to chat with us.

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