Design Pickle was Founded by Russ Perry, initially to scratch his own itch. Years back Russ found himself living the life as a creative consultant, but had a large volume of straightforward, yet time consuming design requests.

A few flowcharts and off-the-shelf SaaS tools later, the bones of Design Pickle was built, streamlining his clients into a system to manage and execute their graphic design requests. In December 2014 he read the book 7 Day Startup and literally had a lightbulb moment: What if he let other people use his design system?

BOOM! No less than three weeks later, Design Pickle was born and the rest is history.

Design Pickle now sits as the #1 flat-rate and graphic design service in the world. We execute thousands of requests a week, for clients around the world, delivered by our amazing full-time design team.

To learn more about what we stand for, see our vision to change the world, and here some podcasts where Russ shares more about the pickled journey, check our our about page!

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