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Can I Use Design Pickle For My Customers?
Can I Use Design Pickle For My Customers?
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While Design Pickle was originally designed and optimized for the person requesting the graphic design files, we know many of our customers are agencies designing on their behalf.

Because of this, we've made it very easy for you to create work for your multiple customers.

If you decide to use our service to create work on behalf of your customers, that’s no problem!

Best practices:

  • Use our Brand Profile feature which allows you to create and save Brand Profile for specific customers- you can designate fonts, upload assets, leave specific notes. That way, when you make a new request, you can simply select the brand profile you want to apply to your design. Your designer will then know EXACTLY what to use when making your request happen.

  • Make sure to allow enough time for feedback and revisions between your Design Pickle designer and YOUR customer.

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