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Scope: Content Creation, Proofreading, and Transcribing Text
Scope: Content Creation, Proofreading, and Transcribing Text

What kind of text/content should I provide my designer?

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Our creatives can manually transcribe short text from images if you don’t have a copy/paste-ready text.

Transcribing text can be very time-consuming, so if you have longer text that need to be transcribed, take note that the turnaround time of your request will be impacted if a copy/paste-ready text is not provided.

Ask your creative for an ETA to gauge how much time your request might be delayed because of the transcription process.

Although transcribing text is within our scope, we still have limitations.

We won't be able to work on requests that need:

  • ❌ Transcription of handwritten notes attached as a photo or scanned image.

  • ❌ Transcription from audio or video files.

  • ❌ Translation for non-English languages.

  • ❌ Proofreading copy for spelling/grammar/formatting errors.

  • ❌ Creation of full or partial copy content for any customer requests.

👉 To avoid missing project deadlines, follow our Best Practices guide below and always provide your creative with copy/paste ready text, especially for multipage designs or text-heavy graphics. (Eg: Magazines, brochures, flyers, text-heavy banner ads, etc.)

We know how important it is to carefully construct the message you want to send to your customers. That's why we recommend you provide us with proofed copy/paste ready text so your creative can focus on designing.

Your creative can transcribe text for you, considering some limitations, but to maintain optimal turnaround times of your requests, your copy should be in a format that your creative can easily copy and paste, such as in a Word doc file or shared via the Design Pickle request form.

Pro Tip!

In the request form, you may click on the plus (+) icon to add your exact text/copy to your instructions.

I only have flattened images containing my copy, but I don't want my turnaround time to be affected. Is there anything I can do?

  1. You can transcribe the text on your end, or...

  2. If your image is clear enough, you can use a free online OCR tool (such as to convert the file into a raw text file. Once it's converted, you can send it over to your creative.

    • Be sure to proofread it before sending it over, though, as conversions aren't always 100% accurate!

Need further help? Email us through [email protected], or click the chat button on the lower right-hand side of this window to chat with us.

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