Can I login to Getty and download the images myself?

No, although we have a partnership with Getty, you can only access their library of photos and vectors by logging in to the Design Pickle Platform and choosing the images you want. Your designer is the only one authorized to pull the images off their site for use in your designs.

Can my designer just download the images and send me the files as is?

No, per our license agreement with Getty, we cannot provide standalone files. You can check the restrictions below:

This means that the Getty files should be used in a design where it was modified or used with other design elements.

We can make slight modifications to the images so that it will be a new design; different from the original image from Getty. If you are using it for a blog post or social media images, we can resize it for that use and include a few elements.

Do I have license for the images used in the design?

Yes! You’re in the clear to resell the designs we’re creating but there is a limit. 

The license you have is a single-use license as that is our deal with Getty. We're licensed so that the road would end with your customers purchasing from you and using it directly. 

We’re not licensing your customers to edit or use it as template and resell it on their own, beyond that we can't guarantee they'd be covered by Getty's agreement.

If I want to use the image for another purpose do I need to to make a new request?

Yes, since you’ve been issued a single-use license that is only valid for one purpose so, if you requested a specific design for Merch but would like to use that again for Social Media, you would need to make another request so that your designer will generate another license for you.

I want to copyright the designs I’ve received from Design Pickle, can I do that.

Unfortunately, this is not a possibility as they are only licensing the designs for our use in creating the designs for you. In our licensing agreement with Getty, we are only using Royalty-Free images, which are non-exclusive. This means that others could license the same image for use in other designs.

We always make modifications to these images to ensure we provide you with unique designs, however, the terms of Getty would prevent you from being able to claim exclusive and assignable legal right to the designs.

You can check more about it here:

Someone copied the design provided by Design Pickle, can you help me file a complaint?

I completely understand your desire to seek some way to prevent these copycats from using your designs as their own. 

We try to follow the changes and issues in the POD communities and find the issue of pixel for pixel copies coming up quite a bit. We would gladly help provide any documentation necessary to help file an infringement report. Simply send an email to [email protected]om.

Providing a copy of the original request and the completed design email have been enough for other clients to both protect their designs and fight claims against them. 

Do let us know if there are any specific designs that we can help and gather information in order to help you file a report and have these designs taken down. 

I got a copyright infringement notice by using one of your designs, how do I get proof that the image I used is licensed?

Simply send an email to [email protected]. We will provide a copy of the original request and the completed design email plus the license number generated by Getty when we downloaded the image. It has been enough for other clients to protect their designs and fight claims against them. 

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