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Does Design Pickle Support Mobile?
Does Design Pickle Support Mobile?
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The nature of our deliverables relies upon providing an optimal viewing experience of creative deliverables. Therefore we currently support 1280x720 resolution and do not support content on a mobile device. This ensures that the user interface, elements, and content are appropriately sized, positioned, and displayed without distortion or loss of information. Users with displays set to this resolution can expect a seamless and visually appealing experience when using the software.

Why is our software primarily optimized for desktop use?

Our software offers a wide range of complex functionalities and features best suited for larger screens and the enhanced capabilities of desktop computers. By focusing on desktop optimization, we can provide a more efficient and productive user experience.

We're here to support you:

We understand that transitioning between devices or working on a different platform can have its challenges. If you have any questions or encounter difficulties using our software on desktop or alternative devices, our dedicated support team is here to assist you.

Looking towards the future:

We are continually working to enhance and expand the capabilities of our software. Our development roadmap includes plans to research the need for mobile support in the future, as we value your feedback and understand the importance of adapting to evolving user needs.

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