Packaging & label designs can be done in the Scale Graphic Design and Pro Graphic Design plans, as long as you're able to provide a template, or you're cool with using existing templates found in our stock image library.

What's out of scope: Limitations under the Graphic Design plans:

No custom template creation from scratch.

No labels that require customized illustrations.

If you'd like a customized packaging designs, from (simple) templates to 100% custom illustrations, you would need to subscribe to both a Graphic Design (either Scale or Pro) and a Custom Illustration plan. Your illustrator will take care of the illustration part of the project, while your designer will take care of the design specific aspects.

However, there are some things that are completely out of scope, even in the Custom Illustration plan.

What's out of scope: Limitations under the Custom Illustration plan:

3D rendered package designs or templates that need to be created in a 3D software

Any advanced or technical packaging design that needs precise measurements for the designs/templates

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