Through your journey with us in the Pickle Jar, you'll be in great hands with key people outside of our creative team to help you successfully use our services for your business or design needs.

Onboarding Manager

Experts in getting customers set up on the right track, Onboarding Managers will be your point person for the first 60 days of your journey, ensuring that you are equipped with the knowledge of the ins and outs of using our platform and services. Make sure to schedule your 1:1 onboarding call if you haven't already. (Exclusive to Pro & Premium subscriptions)

Account Manager

Love our services and thinking of expanding? Want to talk about your options while your business grows? The Account Managers are the right people to have this conversation with 60 days or more into your journey! They will take care of your upgrades and expansions, whether you want to add more subscriptions to your account or commit to a longer billing cycle.

Support Team

Last but not least, our Support Team is here for you 24/5, at any point of your journey. Have any questions and are not sure who to ask? The Support Team has got you! They know how to resolve most issues; if not, they know who to loop in to connect you to the right person or team. They are also the best team to contact for technical platform questions, creative team needs, or production issues. Contacting the Support Team is the fastest way to get issues resolved as they run round the clock, 24 hours a day during business days (Monday to Friday, except for holidays).

If you have any questions, you may contact our Support team by emailing [email protected], or click on the chat button on the lower right side of your window to have a live chat with us.

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