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Are other graphics included in the service?

Only supporting graphics within scope and relevant to the presentation can be worked on (the amount of graphics may affect the turnaround time).

Can I request a design that’s not a presentation do be delivered in a PPT file?

No, only presentations can be completed. Powerpoint & Google Slides are not design-based software and we cannot compromise the quality of our deliverables, and they are not built for designs outside of presentations.

In addition, elements that are relative to the presentation like graphic designs or illustrations will not be given as individual source files for download; they are only delivered within the presentation.

If you would like the source files, please submit a regular Graphic Design or Illustration request.

Can you add any videos/audio/GIFs to the presentation?

While we can add your provided media files to your presentation, we can only accept light media files. If the files are too heavy or the team has any issues uploading the files, a placeholder will be added where you can link your video to.

Can I have any type of slide animations that I want?

As long as they currently exist in PPT/Slides. We cannot create or upload special slide transitions based on plug-ins or other “presentation” providers.

If I'm an existing customer who already has a Pro/Premium subscription, if I upgrade, do I get 2 separate slack channels for each designer?

Yes, an additional Pro or Premium subscription would create a new slack channel. We have clients who would prefer to keep one slack channel, and if that’s your preference, we can accommodate it.

How many slides can I request for a ticket?

The amount of slides you can request for a ticket is up to you!

Can you provide master slides?


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