If you're unfamiliar with what our FreshStock service is, head over to What is FreshStock? to learn the basics. But if you want to learn more about FreshStock past that, read on!

How is FreshStock different from other Design Pickle plans?


Custom Illustrations

Graphic Design (Essentials/Pro)

  • Subscription-based vector stock image library
  • Self-service
  • Pre-existing stock image assets
  • Vector assets can be downloaded directly
  • Vector assets can be used as-is (PNG/JPG) or edited on your end (using EPS or AI source files)
  • New assets continuously added
  • Subscription-based illustration service
  • An illustrator will be assigned to your requests based on the skill requirements of the request
  • 100% custom designs based on your specifications
  • Vector illustrations are created for you
  • Subscription-based design service
  • A designated designer will be assigned to your account
  • Your designer will create designs for your projects
  • Your designer may use stock image assets for graphics (Premium Stock add-on may be needed)

How is Design Pickle’s Premium Stock different from FreshStock?

Premium Stock


  • Consists of the Adobe Stock and JumpStory asset libraries
  • Asset libraries are owned by Adobe & JumpStory respectively
  • Can only be accessed through a Design Pickle Graphic Design subscription plan
  • Only your Pickle Designer can access the raw/source files used in your designs
  • Source files for the unedited assets can’t be sent to you due to Adobe & JumpStory license agreements
  • Consists of the FreshStock asset library
  • Asset library is owned by Design Pickle
  • Can be accessed through a standalone FreshStock subscription
  • Source files for the unedited assets can be downloaded directly
  • No additional license is needed—a FreshStock subscription gives you permission to use the vector assets!

Scope & Limitations of FreshStock

While you can use the FreshStock assets for tons of your projects, there are some limitations to this service. Check out The Rules of FreshStock to learn more!

What software should I use to edit FreshStock assets?

Source files are provided in either EPS or AI format depending on the asset. All assets are created in and intended for Adobe Illustrator. We aren’t able to guarantee seamless compatibility with other software, but other software (those that can open EPS, for example) should be able to open these files just fine.

Can I edit FreshStock assets without Adobe Illustrator?

There are a couple of workarounds you can try if you do not have Adobe Illustrator.

Our assets are still meant to be used in Adobe Illustrator, so it may not work for all assets, but these workarounds should work for a good amount of them!

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