Request Timelines And Delivery Speed
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How fast you receive your request depends on three factors:

1. How long you and your designated designer have been working together
2. How many active requests you currently have in the queue
3. The complexity of your request

Your designated designer works on your account every business day and tackles your requests in the order they are received. If they are already working on several requests, or one particular request is complex, then their output will be affected accordingly.

Customers that have completed a few requests and have developed a good working relationship with their designer can – on occasion – make requests to accommodate sensitive timelines.

If you need help right away we recommend you try our Pro or Premium service or contact a local freelancer or agency. To ensure the quality of our deliverables and consistency in our experience, Design Pickle moves at its own pace.

The sooner you get signed up, the sooner we can get to work!

Every customer is different in their requests and their ability to explain what they need so we can’t quote exact timelines without shooting ourselves in the foot.

The best bet is to sign up for our service, try us out, and you'll see our incredible value.

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