For print flyers, it's important that you include all of the information for the content and if you're printing it to give any requirements or templates from the printer. Don't forget important details like dates, times, locations, ticket prices, etc.!

Sample Real Estate Flyer

We wrote a whole blog post on real estate flyers. To see the description for any of them, simply click on the "customize this request" button. Alternatively, you can check out this generic template we've created to help get those creative juices flowing. 

Thinking about making a flyer? Here's an example of what you may enter into the Design Pickle Platform form to get a great flyer for your next even back.

Design Pickle Platform Submission Form Fields 

Request Name:

Clerky Flyer 

Request Details:

Hi Alyssa,

Hope you are well!

I need an A5 flyer designed that describes what Clerky does to my local business customers. Retailers and small business owners.

This design project is to experiment and try find a flyer style that would suit Clerky.


Size: A5
Content It should include:
Clerky Logo
Headline: Get Your Business Online
Text: Get a fully functional e-commerce website in a click. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established enterprise, conquer the web with GoClerky.
Integration Icons and Titles for: Custom Websites, Conversations, Customers, Email Marketing, Blogging, Payments, Events and Products.
14 Day Free Trial. No upfront fees.
Call Us Today 0857728137

For imagery:
An inspiring background photo of Business Owner would be good. OR
Screenshot of website on a Mac and iPhone to show “we are selling websites”.

Style should be clean but fun.

Brand assets:

Hope this is enough to get started.

Kind regards,

John Chambers
Founder, Clerky

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