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First off, there are TWO different ways to use FreshStock.

  1. As part of the request process within the Design Pickle Platform (Design Pickle subscription required)

  2. By using the FreshStock website (Full Access FreshStock subscription required)

Using FreshStock as Part of the Request Process Within the Design Pickle Platform

As a Design Pickle client, you have access to the ENTIRE FreshStock library.

First, follow the steps to request a graphic design.

When you arrive at the assets section of the request, use search terms to find the assets you want, select them, and submit them as part of your request! Your designer has the ability to make tweaks to the vector for your use.

Using the FreshStock Website (Subscription Required)

Using the FreshStock website is very easy.

Simply log in, and search for assets.

Once you have found the assets you want, you have several options:

  1. Download the file by clicking on "Download asset"

Depending on the asset, there will be several download options such as:




-All assets - a zip file containing all of the above

2. Add it to a collection by clicking on "Save to collection".

Then, add it to a specific collection or create a new collection.

3. Use the Asset in a Design Request (Design Pickle Subscription Required)

Simply click on "Request" and you will be taken to the Design Pickle Platform to complete your request. The selected asset will be attached to the request.

What’s the best way to search for images?

We are constantly working to improve our search functionality. But for now, to get the best results, it’s better to search using larger categories such as “party” or “flyer”. Searching for individual elements like “hamburger” or “pizza” may not return as many results. Again, we’re working on fixing this!

Luckily, we’ve also highlighted our most popular categories and collections to make searches more efficient.

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