Besides getting the URLs from your completed request, you can also zap the actual files as a comment to your Asana post.

An Asana account
A Zapier account
A Design Pickle account

Step One: Setting up the Trigger

With this one you need an existing Asana post with a Design Pickle tag or the tag you've set up your on previous zap. This is where you'll get the Zapier Item ID (very important!)

Head over to Zapier and click on Make A Zap! button.

For the Application, choose Design Pickle and File Delivered for the trigger.

Zapier will pull a recently completed design request to use a sample.

Step Two: Setting up the "Action"

When the trigger (File Delivered) happens, Zapier will then complete the "action" we're about to set up. 

Select Asana from the list of applications and connect your Asana account.  Once that's connected, you'll be asked which action you want to take for this one. Choose Attach a File so that any files from DPP will be attached to the task.

Zapier will ask you for more information and make sure you choose the correct settings as your previous one. A very important setting is the Request Zapier ID, make sure to choose the correct one by customizing the Task. Once that's all set you're good to send a test.

Your test should look like the ones below and you're ready to turn that Zap on and don't forget to name it!

P.S: Typically the zap will fire around every 15 minutes or so! So please be patient if you notice a request has been completed and it hasn't uploaded any files yet.

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