Effective January 2022, all Design Pickle plans include Custom Illustrations at no extra charge. Check out the short video below and see just some of what you can do with this service.

Our Custom Illustrations offer high-quality, custom illustrated work using the tried and true Design Pickle delivery model.

We can’t wait to see what you create!

What does Custom Illustrations feature?

  • Professional Illustrators and Vector artists

  • 100% Original Artwork

  • Built into Design Pickle's platform

  • Flat rate pricing for unlimited requests

What is our scope of work?

Check out our Illustration Samples here

But, of course, we have limitations. Here’s a list of what we can’t do:

  • Inappropriate custom illustration requests that are sexually explicit, defamatory, ethnically or racially offensive, or anything that is against Design Pickle’s core values

  • Trademarked names, brands, and quotes

  • Digital Painting (watercolor or paint effects and the like)

  • Gaming Assets

  • Art for your comics/graphic novel


Can I request revisions?

Yes, definitely. However, please take note:

  • Revision requests should be limited to minor revisions that will not result in creating new illustration concepts.

  • When you request a revision, your Illustrator will give you two new options based on your feedback.

  • If it's a totally new concept, it's better to start a new request! This will help keep things organized.

Can I talk to my illustrator via Slack?

Slack is only available in our Pro & Premium subscriptions for your primary creative.

See: Which plan should I subscribe to?

How long will it take to get my illustration request completed?

Each request is unique, and so unlike more traditional production designs, we'll work on setting timelines for your requests as soon as we receive them. Expect to receive first concepts, studies, or drafts within 1-2 business days. From there, how long your request may take is wholly dependent on the request, feedback, edits, and other factors!

See: Turnaround Time Estimates

What is the cut-off time to submit illustration requests?

See: Time Zones and Cut-Off Times

Will I have a designated illustrator?

Designated illustrators are only available in our Pro & Premium subscriptions if your primary creative is an illustrator.

For our Graphics subscription, each request will be reviewed and assigned to the best available illustrator.

See: Which plan should I subscribe to?

Yes! Illustrations are made from scratch and are original concepts from the artists working on each request.

Who owns the creative rights?

100% of the creative rights of your requested illustrations belong to YOU.

Can my illustrator do Graphic Design?

Our illustrators are focused on creating original illustrations from scratch. Illustrators have mastered different art styles and techniques for creating illustrations.

Graphic design is a much different process and skill-set. Both take years of experience to master. If you submit a Graphic Design request, it'll most likely be assigned to a different team member who specializes in design.

How can my Graphic Designer and Illustrator collaborate?

After creating an illustration, you can send this illustration to their Graphic Designer and incorporate it into the final layout.

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