Once you've received complete files back from your designer, it's easy to automatically share the with your team. 

In this tutorial we're going to be using Slack to distribute the link, but you can substitute it with the application of your choice if you so please. 


  • A slack account 
  • A Zapier account
  • A Design Pickle account

Step One: Setting up the "Trigger"

First things first, make sure you have a successfully submitted request from Design Pickle. If you don't have one now, go ahead and submit one! 

Next, you'll want to head over to Zapier and click on the add a zap button. 

As the application, you'll want to select Design Pickle. 

Next, for the trigger you'll want to use the "Completed Request" option.

You'll want to make sure Zapier is able to talk to your Design Pickle account. To connect your account, add your API key (available in the "My Profile Settings" section of the Design Pickle Platform) into the modal Zapier will present to you. 

Zapier will pull a recently completed design request to use a sample.

Once it successfully does this, the next step is to set up the "Action" step of the zap.  

Step Two: Setting up the "Action"

When the trigger (i.e a completed design request) happens, Zapier will then complete the "action" we're about to set up. 

Let's select Slack from the list of applications and connect your Slack account. 

Once that's connected, you'll be asked which action you want to take. There are a few that may work for you. If you only want the links to go to a single person, select a direct message option. If you'd prefer to send to a channel, then choose that option from the list. 

Zapier will ask you for more information to determine exactly where it should post the message. 

Once you've told Zapier where to send the message, we now need to set up what is in the message. 

In the message text, be sure to include the box URL by clicking on the plus icon on the "message field" input area and finding the sample box url from a previous request. 

You can also add additional text or information if you'd like. 

Once you have the required fields set up, go ahead and send a test. 

Check your slack to see if the file URL was successfully sent. 

If it was, give the zap a name and don't forget to turn it on!

p.s Typically the zap will fire around every 15 minutes or so! So please be patient if you notice a request has been completed and it hasn't posted the link right away!

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