Your Design Pickle subscription automatically renews depending on the terms you’ve chosen upon sign-up. This enables you to send requests and have access to our platform. 

There are four terms that we offer to our clients. They are monthly, quarterly, semi-annual, and annual. If you signed up on the 10th day of that month and you're on a quarterly subscription, your next billing will fall on the 10th day 3 months after.

Unsure about your exact sign-up date? You can check your billing date by viewing your Billing History. 

Expired Memberships and Failed Payments 

We charge the same credit card you've provided upon sign-up. If we won't be able to charge your card, your account will eventually expire and you will no longer have access to your files.

During the initial failed payment, you will receive a notice from us and we'll make additional attempts to charge your card every 3 days for 2 weeks.

After the final attempt and the charge still fails, your account is cancelled and will automatically close.

Updating your Credit Card Information

In order to prevent unexpected closure of your account, be sure to keep your credit card information updated. 

You can update it in your Company Settings, Billing Information section.

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