On December 9, 2018, we made some updates to the backend of Jar. Here are all the details!

What changed with this update?

Previously, to add more designers to your account you had to contact our accounts or sales team, they’d get you setup on our backend, and then you’d have an additional email address that you could now submit through (but only via email! Not Jar!).  This update modified our backend to allow for more intuitive user and account management by changing these email-only accounts into real user accounts. 

Scaling up your Design Pickle design team is now super easy. 

How easy? Just head to your company settings page and click on “update plan/DPUs”.  Select the number of DPUs (Or Design Processing Units) you’ll need and accept the changes.  You’ll then get that many more (or fewer) DPUs on your account.

What’s a DPU?

A DPU - or Design Processing Unit is our internal unit of measurement of what one designer can do for you per workday. 

The below examples are estimates of what you may get back with one DPU per workday. These are just estimates and your output will vary depending on the complexity of your requests. 

One DPU may look like one of the following:

  • 3 customized social media graphics or 10 templated social media graphics
  • 1 single sided event flyer or 1 double sided real-estate flyer
  • 1 Google Ad in 8 different sizes
  • 10 plain text tees or 5 typography tees or 3 graphic tees
  • 1 product background removal

Two DPUs may look like one of the following:

  • 6 customized social media graphics or 20 templated social media graphics
  • Four podcast cover graphics
  • 2 Variations of a Google Ad in 8 different sizes
  • An event flyer with 4 variations
  • A background removal with complex shapes

Need more than this? Simply add more DPUs to your account to double, triple, or heck, even quadruple the amount of design work your designers can do for you per workday.

How do I add more DPUs?

To add more DPUs, head to your company settings page and click on the “Update Plan / DPUs” button, select your new number of DPUs, agree to the terms, and update your plan. 

You’ll be billed immediately for any increase in DPUs.

How can I get more users?

You cannot have more users than you have DPUs. If you only have one DPU, you’ll only be able to have one user on your account. If you add an additional DPU, you’ll be able to add a new login to your account.

I only want to add a login, not an extra DPU. Can I do that?

Not at the moment, although we may implement this feature in the future. If you’d like to be first on the list to try it out, please drop a line to [email protected] and let her know.

What’s the difference between the company and individual settings page?

On the company page you’ll find any information related to the company and overall account, including billing and plan information, the primary points of contact for the company, and users on the account. 

On the individual profile page, you’ll find your own preferences. This includes things like your individual file type preferences, where we could mail you swag, your API key, your password, and other details.

What is the difference between the user levels?

Once you’ve added a DPU, you’ll have the option of adding another user to your account. Users come in three flavors, depending on how much access you’d like them to have to your Design Pickle account.


This role controls all subscription and payment information. They can add, modify, and remove users of any role. Finally, they can make requests and edit any request at the company.


This role can add, modify, and remove Organizers or Members. They can also make requests and edit any request at the company.


This role can make requests and edit their own requests.

I only have one designer/DPU. How will I be affected?

Everything will remain mostly the same! The only big difference is your old settings page will now be split into company and individual areas. You’ll continue to have your dedicated designer work on all of your design requests.

I already have multiple designers/DPUs. How will I be affected?

This change will affect mostly customers who already have multiple designers/accounts with us, and for the better!

Assuming you have all your designers in one account (and you have not opened up multiple accounts across different email addresses), each additional email address on your account will now get its own login! Yay! No more submitting only via email for those additional addresses. 

If you previously submitted all your requests via email and still have 'in progress' requests that were opened prior to December 9, 2018, please continue using the same email address used to submit those requests as your to reply-from address.  This will ensure that we get all of your replies for that request!

You should have received a message to your additional emails granting you a temporary password. To setup your new Jar login, click the link in the email. This will bring you to a page where you’ll be asked for your name and a new password. Once you’ve set your password, you’ll then be able to login to Jar. 

If you browse to your requests area, you’ll see your previous requests, as well as who submitted them. To see only ones you submitted or someone else on your team submitted, simply select their name from the dropdown box. 

I’m happy submitting new requests from each of my email addresses. Do I have to change?

Nope! You can continue submitting through multiple email addresses if you so choose. The only difference is that you will now be able to see which user submitted each request from within Jar.

I’m not happy with having to balance and submit new requests from each of my email addresses. How can I implement a new workflow?

With this update, you’ll be able to submit through only one email address if you would like! Woohoo! Don’t worry, we’ll still know you need additional throughput, so you’ll continue getting the same level of output you’re currently getting. 

Your Design Pickle account has been turned into a company with 1 shared design queue that all users at your company can log into to submit requests. Your designer(s) will take the highest priority requests from the queue to work on each day, rather than you having to juggle how many requests were submitted per account.  

You can now have one user submit all of your requests through Jar, submit them all through email, or split the requests among 3 different users.  No matter how you handle it internally, we’ll return the same output you’re used to!

 If you don’t need the extra users that were created for you, you can choose to “disassociate” your additional email addresses from your account. Head to your company settings page and find the “users” section. Click on the “x” to disassociate that email address from your account. 

When you choose to disassociate a user from your account, their requests will remain in your Jar. 

Should they need to come back or if you remove them accidentally, they’ll be asked to create an entirely new account when they try to sign in again. To re-add an accidentally disassociated team member, please contact our support team. 

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