You'll noticed that there are some templates available to you via Zapier. 

However, you may also have noticed that you don't have direct access to your folder from Design Pickle by default (this is mostly so people don't go in and accidentally delete all their past work from Design Pickle). 

To be able to use the templates, you'll need a few things:

  1. Your own account with Box Sync set up (a free plan is available)
  2. Share permissions on your folder from Design Pickle (contact us for this)
  3. A sync between your Design Pickle folder containing all your files and your own box account (use Box Sync - download it here )

Once you have your box account and Box Sync set up, please contact us about getting shared folder access to your requests folder. 

Once access is shared with you, you'll be sent a link to access the folder via Box. It will look something like this: 

Click on "Go To Folder"

Upon clicking this button (and assuming you're logged in under your personal box account) you should see the folder appear in your account. 

Just FYI, there should be no reason to edit, make changes to, or update this folder.  Do not rename this folder or edit it in any way. Just leave it be in your box account :-). 

When you sync your files to your own account, more options for using those files will be available to you to Zapier.

Once you've got all of the above complete, use This Zap to download new files from your requests folder to Google Drive or search for other zaps for apps other than Google Drive here.

*Important Disclaimer*: Once you have access to your box folder, any actions you take on the existing files and folders in it are your responsibility. So please do NOT delete items from it, or you may run the risk of lost files and folders that may not be recoverable. 

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