Have you submitted a design request to: request@designpickle.com and gotten back this email?

What happened?

Design Pickle did not recognize the email that you used to send in your request. Here are a few things to try:

1.Turn your computer off and back on

2. Clear your cache/cookies

3. Are you using the correct email? Sounds silly, but most of us have multiple accounts, make sure you are logged into the right email.

4. Is your billing email address different from your request email? You are able to have an email address that you use solely for submitting request, separate from your billing email.  Want to find out if you have one or change it?  Check out this Knowledge Base article. Make sure you update it to or use the correct email.

5. Do you use a proxy/spider email service to manage another email address?  Is your real email alex@company.com, but you actually use another service such as AlexCompany@gmail.com to manage it? This can create confusion for our software.  It’s a simple fix however!  Update your request email to mirror what you actually use.  So, if you use the gmail address daily to manage your company email, log into JAR and update it!

Still not working? Email help@designpickle.com

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