Email Subject- Include a unique identifier in the Subject line that refers to the job- for example: Business Cards for Obama, Brochure for End of World Party, or Facebook Cover for Elephant Racing Club. We will use this information to name and find your files.

Urgency/Priority- Do you have a clear deadline? Let us know. We can’t move creative rounds faster but it helps with our production process. If there is any issue with your deadline, your designer will let you know right away.

Padding Timelines- We are fast, but the creative process still takes time. Make sure to have enough creative rounds planed to get your request complete.

Description of your product/service, what you are looking to design, your target audience. Once you’ve worked with us for a bit, these descriptions can be short. In the beginning, more is best. Give us as much information as you can to help us know who you are designing for.

Sizing of the deliverable

All final copy- We cut and paste copy. Make sure it’s proofed and edited.

Any Brand or Logo files- unless we have them!

Samples and Examples of aesthetics/styles you like or want to follow -website links, other design samples. If you don’t know where to start, you can visit to help you identify style preference. Just point us to one you like.

Color Direction if you want something specific.

Fonts- We only use Google Fonts, unless you specify you have license to use specific fonts and send them to us. Please add any font files if you have them.

Stock Photos– Include photos you have license to and want to use, or include specific direction on the types of photos you want us to find. E.g.: If you want people, make sure you specify preferences regarding age, sex, race, clothing, profession, etc. We utilize free stock photo sites with Public Domain licenses or Creative Common Licenses that allow commercial use.

Attached Assets or upload your files to your Box Inbox.

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