Typically, requests are ordered in your queue as first in, first out with revisions being prioritized to the top. There may come time when you have a time sensitive request that you needs to be escalated to the top of your queue. There are a few easy ways to re-prioritize you queue:

  1. Before you've submitted a request - If you know a request needs to take priority before it's been submitted, simply add Priority to the Requests Name (JAR) or Subject line (email). We will see this when assigning to your queue and move it to the top of the list! (Eg, Priority: Blog Post Header)
  2. After you've submitted a request - With a request that is already in the brine, simply submit a new request with the name of the request to be prioritized in the Request Name or Subject line. There is no need to put anything in the body of the request or email. (Eg, Please Prioritize Facebook Ad)
  3. Using automatic Queue Reporting features - If you typically have several requests loaded in your queue, we recommend turning on at least one of the Queue Reporting features. This can be done under the Settings tab in JAR. When this feature is activated, you will receive a daily email with the upcoming requests in your queue and their estimated completion dates. Simply reply to this email with the names of the requests that need to take priority and we will re-order the queue.

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