Hi Alyssa,

Hope you are well!

I need an A5 flyer designed that describes what Clerky does to my local business customers. Retailers and small business owners.

This design project is to experiment and try find a flyer style that would suit Clerky.


Size: A5
Content It should include:
Clerky Logo
Headline: Get Your Business Online
Text: Get a fully functional e-commerce website in a click. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur or an established enterprise, conquer the web with GoClerky.
Integration Icons and Titles for: Custom Websites, Conversations, Customers, Email Marketing, Blogging, Payments, Events and Products.
14 Day Free Trial. No upfront fees.
Call Us Today 0857728137

For imagery:
An inspiring background photo of Business Owner would be good. OR
Screenshot of website on a Mac and iPhone to show “we are selling websites”.

Style should be clean but fun.

Brand assets:

Hope this is enough to get started.

Kind regards,

John Chambers
Founder, Clerky

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